Assess your mental health symptoms

Censeo can help you build a better understanding of your mental health symptoms, what might be causing them and offer personalised suggestions for next steps.

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Personalised information for you, all in one place

There can be a lot of confusing information online about different mental health conditions. Piecing this all together by yourself can feel impossible. Our assessment has been created by psychiatrists and psychologists, with help from GPs and other people who have experienced mental health conditions, to bring together the right information, personalised for you, in one place. 

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Convenient and confidential

You can complete the Censeo mental health assessment online from anywhere that feels the most convenient and at your own pace. Lots of people find this helps them more easily gather their thoughts and get across their concerns. You can even take breaks during your assessment if you need to, as your answers are automatically saved.

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A holistic review of your needs

Most mental health tests ask you to choose a condition to test for. We understand that this isn’t always helpful, especially if you aren’t sure what could be wrong. Censeo checks for a range of different conditions in one comprehensive assessment.

Mental health is affected by lots of different factors. Censeo includes questions that relate to your lifestyle and experiences, to really understand your needs and what could be impacting your wellbeing.

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Improve your understanding

Censeo has been designed to help you gain a better understanding of your symptoms and any possible conditions that are indicated. Completing the assessment can help you think more clearly about the challenges you’ve been facing and what might be causing them. This improves the chances of having a better a better experience with any care you may go on to have.

Censeo can also help you feel more confident in understanding and talking about mental health conditions and the different treatment options, to support choosing the right option for you.

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Need urgent support?

Censeo is not a crisis service.
If you are in the UK and need urgent support with your mental health, 
call Samaritans on 116123 or NHS 111.
Or visit CheckPoint for global crisis support options.