What to expect

We know it can be difficult to know where to start when looking for help with your mental health. Censeo provides a safe and secure way to check your symptoms and concerns. An instant report will be created that you can use to discuss with your healthcare provider or to help you manage your symptoms at home.

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How it Works

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Check eligibility and create your account

Simply sign up and create your account. We’ll need some details from you to check your eligibility.

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Complete your assessment

Make your way through the questions, answering them as best you can. You can take breaks if you need to as your progress is automatically saved.

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Generate your mental health report

Your in-depth mental health report will be automatically generated. This will include possible conditions, the symptoms that support this and suggestions for the best type of support for your needs.

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Start making progress

Use your report to start planning positive steps in improving your mental health. You can take your report to your GP or other healthcare provider, where they can discuss treatment options with you. Or you can use support resources to find ways to better manage your symptoms yourself.

Your assessment

Built by mental health experts, Censeo will ask a range of questions. We use algorithms to personalise your questions, based on your previous answers, so that you only have to answer questions that are relevant to you. Censeo will use your answers to create a detailed picture of your psychiatric, psychological, and emotional symptoms and concerns.

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Your mental health report

Once you finish the assessment, you will get immediate access to your personal mental health report. This will show a range of possible conditions that have been identified, listed in order of importance, with all of the supporting symptoms that you told us about. Your report will also include suggestions for the next steps to take with accessing help and support.

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Who can access the Censeo assessment?

Anyone aged over 18 and living in England, Scotland or Wales can use Censeo to increase their understanding of their mental health. However, the assessment and report have been designed by mental healthcare professionals, primarily for adults aged 18 – 65. If you are over 65, the information on your report may not be as accurate. Find out more about why these factors matter in our FAQs.

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Need urgent support?

Censeo is not a crisis service.
If you are in the UK and need urgent support with your mental health, 
call Samaritans on 116123 or NHS 111.
Or visit CheckPoint for global crisis support options.